The Barta Family in Israel
A Photo Album

Here are some photographs of Barta family member Ben Roberts
during his visit to Israel in 1998.

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Ben Roberts and a group of friends in Israel in July 1998. (size 39k)
Ben Roberts up a tree in Israel. (size 54k)
Jerusalem old and new. Photo by Ben Roberts. (size 25k)
OK, this one is not Israel, but it is a photo of Ben Roberts at his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai in Brookline, Massachusetts in June 1995. (size 73k)
...and the entire family gathered for the event. (Left to right: Front row: Ben Roberts. Middle row: Lynne Barta, Jenny Barta, Alex Barta, Kathy Barta. Back row: Will Roberts, Paula Barta, John Barta, Marjorie Roberts, Marty Barta, Gene Barta, Bruce Barta.) (size 55k)

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