The Barta Family in Switzerland
A Photo Album

Here are some photographs of Barta family members during their
trip to Switzerland in July of 1999.

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Bruce Barta, John Barta, and Paula Barta visit the campus of the International School of Geneva ("Ecolint") which they attended. (size 63k)
Bruce, Paula and John at Ecolint in Geneva. (size 54k)
Ben Roberts, with his mother Paula Barta, shop at a street market in Geneva. (size 69k)
Paula Barta at the annual grand 4th of July fête sponsored by the American Women's Club in Geneva . (size 72k)
Bruce Barta with daughter Jenny Barta at the 4th of July fête. (size 93k)
Paula Barta stands in front of Geneva's Flower Clock. (size 122k)
Bruce and Kathy Barta at Ecolint in Geneva. (size 98k)

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